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Hell in the NYSC CDS: The Bad ones claiming Good

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Hell in the NYSC CDS: The Bad ones claiming Good



By Mujaheed Naseer

One of the important moment in social gathering is that it provide the opportunity of meeting new people. Some of those people might be our bosm friends, others just for one conversation and call it a day. This happenings was not only in social gathering but,  in all walks of live seminars, workshops,  symposiums etc.

There is at list one honourable  as well, a magnificent one thus, not every body wants to be attach to. However, the verse majority considered it as a momentum of well being in one's educational live. The Nigerian national youth service corp was established by the then military leader in the year 1973 with aims of uniting the nation as a cause of establishing matual relationship between the more  than 250 ethnic groups in  the country. For such, bravo to rd gen Yakubu Gowan for this gesture of uniting Nigeria linguistically, religiously, socially and even economically. Of all this years a witness of profound exhilaration was made between the Southern part of the country  as well to the North. Therefore, it reduce annihilation and supersitation utterances between the different of the country though, is not 100% but it help in mending bringing the languages or people of different ethnic groups cultures to serve under one platform as a teaming youths whom constituted more that 50% of the country's populace.

Following the rhyme of this expression is not the size of the dog matters but the fight in it it has no effect on me as I claims not good corp member nor trying to hail myself with the fact I choose to stay no matter what.

On Thursday 28 July 2016 was my first general CDS community development service a warmth speeches were delivered thus,  deteriorating in meaning. Actually it sounds ambiguous so its left for you to use your intellect in figuring out what the whole meaning of each speech for that a speech analysis must be conducted as to try to balance the whole thing.  Serving under the conservative law of "under the son or in the rain" attaching it with the liberal law "to serve our father land with love and strength and faith"  followed with doctrinal law of "so help me God". The scence at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa stadium was full of crowd (corpers) those enduring the pressure of staying as well, others as geuss appearance only for general CDS and clearance and the third ones were those presence was to meet their girls.

As talks began so the guys are bleating like those animals who are in copulating so it hard to eardeopping not because you're a criminal  however just paying attention to the sayings.  We were told that CDS is compulsory that is why attendance are dish out in every meeting. So a question what is the fate of those never in all means present in theirs? Another point raised was, no one should live their state of service  without the kind permission  of their local inspector LI so , what is the position of those negotiating with the LIs of them not coming but sending money as to cover for them?

How about the other vital part of the programme which is the skills acquisition training  were allowed to be paid by the corpers not proclaiming that all should be giving out for free but for the reason  that one's allowance cannot be able to pay for that and transport himself/herself to either their PPA or where they should be receiving their trainings.

Indeed, this preposterously fabricated statement by some staff of the agency has no place in at least in the minds of those corpers who're with the good intentions to obey the clarion call. Well, be good in all your doing not for the sake of people seeing you but for it worth  as nothing far more better in this world than being a good citizen. To sum it the NYSC fails in it laws abiding. Incase of Bauchi State, camp official promise us to have either accomodation in your respecting PPA or our PPA should provide Money for that matter. Yes, home have Accomodation plus PPA alawee, some accomodation only, some PPA alawee only while others have none. So for thr last case, how corper will feed himself and provide accomodation for himself with just 19,8000??? Something need to review here.


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