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AUTO FORWARD: For Today’s Future

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AUTO FORWARD: For Today’s Future

Ask anyone and they’ll probably agree that both the Internet and the smartphone have virtually rocketed us into the future. With almost two billion smartphones being used across the globe today, the world is becoming a much smaller place. Long gone are the days of sending a letter or telegram to get in touch with someone far away. Even a long distance phone call is starting to seem archaic thanks to all of the apps that instantly connect us to friends, family and coworkers everywhere.

Think about it … where would we be today without the ability to talk, text, and share important information with just a swipe and tap from our fingers or a simple command of our voices. Well, we’d still be stuck in the early 2000s for one thing. Thankfully, we’re not. Technology is taking us into the future faster than we had ever dreamed. The problem with that is that protecting ourselves against the dangers that come with this futuristic tech is lagging behind—and by the time we catch up with one issue, another more advanced one pops up.

Hackers, scammers, terrorists, etc. are all using this technology to try and get at you, your family and your employees. Many of them are just as accomplished at utilizing today’s equipment to do bad as top government agents and company IT workers are at using it to do good. To add to the pot of boiling danger are the miscreants that are looking to harm your children. Pedos, pornographers, pushers, peer pressurers—all are on your youngster’s devices looking for a way to get into their lives in order to corrupt them. What makes it all worse is that you gave them those devices. So what can you do to protect your loved ones and yourself? Install a top-rated mobile monitoring app on each and every device that you entrust to family members or employees.

Auto Forward surveillance software is the number one choice of both parents and employers who want to protect those in their charge. It gives you, the purchaser, complete and discrete access to every phone you install it on so that you can see who your loved one or worker is communicating with as well as spy on cell phone calls.

Auto Forward allows you to:

  • Check every number called or received and find out each call’s time and length.
  • View an exact copy of every text and email sent or received—even the deleted ones.
  • Monitor every post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram and others.
  • Spy on cell phones for free with a one-time subscription
  • View ever iMessages text that’s sent and received.
  • Browse through every webpage viewed on the targeted phone.
  • Pinpoint the target phone’s location via GPS Locater.
  • Secretly snap a picture with the target phone’s camera and view it on your Dashboard.
  • Remotely activate the target phone’s microphone and listen in on your loved one’s or employee’s surroundings.

While you can’t be there all the time to protect your family or workers from everything, installing a remote cell phone spy software on their smartphones is a wise decision that will help keep you informed about what’s going on in their digital world.   

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