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Giving You More Control with the Auto Forward Spy

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Giving You More Control with the Auto Forward Spy

The Auto Forward Spy is one of the best parental control software that has been in the market for quite long. The app has proven to be a device that every parent would go for especially while taking the mantel of bringing up a child who can be admired by the society. The app majorly focuses on the internet activities and how to spy on cell phone activities. The Auto Forward Spy is a cell phone monitoring software that is easy to install and may always give just as it promises when it comes to the internet.

The Auto Forward is well endorsed by various features that will always attract you. The internet filter in the cell phone spy app enables you to be in control of your internet. The feature is set to permit actions such as warn, block or view. The other feature is the one that allows you to block the access to view adult content that is to block site such as phonographic sites. Another feature is the time management feature that enables the setting of the total number of hours or generally to set time that a person can be online. It ensures that your child views a web page without being bombarded by any vulgar language. The social monitoring feature allows you to monitor that your child is undertaking while on the internet, it also helps you protect your child from cyber bullying, concerns of privacy, damaging of reputation, pictures, videos and sexual predators. The other feature is the remote administration that ensures that you can monitor your child from any location. Lastly, the user profile, which allows you to set your profile and also customize settings for the members of your family.

With all the available features in Auto Forward spy it is so obvious that the online monitoring is sorted but the major question that  raises concerns to you as a parent is whether the action that  allows you to monitor online activities  only  is enough. Remember that your child will always explore and use the phone fully. Consider the texts, the calls, what about the persons that you do not want to be in contact with your child for one reason or the other. Monitoring online activities may not be enough and a call for more advanced software may apply.

More advanced software such as the Auto Forward cell phone software are more inclusive and may be more appropriate for parents that may need more than just online monitoring. The main feature that makes the Auto Forward Spy software includes the call recording that helps you monitor calls and conversation that your child makes. This works with the help of the microphone activator. The text message forwarding is also an additional feature. This feature enables you to receive the emails and text messages that your child receives on the phone. The ability to locate both present and deleted texts is also a feature of that will enable you to spy on cell phone free of any issues.

Another major difference that makes the Auto Forward Spy software more competitive to the task of being the parent’s informer is that the software works on an invisible mode where the child being spied on cannot know that they are being monitored unlike other software that does not run invisibly. Therefore every parent would be very pleased to know every activity that goes on in the lives of their children and to avoid being ignorant and having the feeling that my baby is very safe and innocent. Remember prevention is better than cure.

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