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What You Need to Know about the Dangers of Online Abuse

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Articles : What You Need to Know about the Dangers of Online Abuse
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What You Need to Know about the Dangers of Online Abuse

There are more reports of online abuse occurring people may not realize how serious the problem has become. Online abuse includes conducting inappropriate or illegal actions online. It is basically when a person or group of people abuse the privilege of the internet. There are laws in place but some feel they are not enough or more should be put in to help reduce such acts. There are millions of people including women and children that are victim to internet abuse every year.  Sometimes these acts can go on undetected for a while, and for others it can be hard to really know who is behind it when the person committing the crime is tech-savvy. Learning how spy on cell phone can be increasingly helpful when looking to combat online abuse.

Where It Happens   
When online abuse occurs where does it happen most often and who is engaging in it? Online abuse is often committed in places people may think are safe online such as social media, chat rooms, via instant messaging, and so on.  These platforms can be accessed through a computer, but with more people using cell phones on a regular basis it is likely a good chunk of online abuse cases occur through cell phones. Anytime you are online with one or more people there is a risk of being bullied. Social media is a place to connect with friends, but it can be a breeding ground of strangers considered to be child predators.

What is Grooming?   
Child grooming includes predators that prey on children and their families emotionally. They work to establish trust among children they intend to harm. Such actions often lead to illegal actions such as child trafficking, child pornography, child prostitution, and exploitation of children. Sexual abuse is also a possibility. In many cases children are talking with strangers they don’t know but they seem friendly enough for children to keep talking with them. Sometimes parents are not aware of such communications going on. Parents should know who their child is talking to online. Children shouldn’t be talking with adults online unless it is someone they and the parent know well. You can monitor that kind of activity with a cell phone spy app for iphone and android users. This lets you look at all the information on anyone you have an interest in spying on.

What is Cyberbullying?   
Cyberbullying is basically an extended form of bullying that is done in person. Except, the bullying continues or starts online.  Such actions include a person being repeatedly picked on, teased or put down by others. This can be committed by one or more persons. Cyberbullying is done through the internet on social media sites.  It can be done through sending emails and text messages.  Aside from putting down others it can be a form of harassment and intimidation against others. In some cases it can be more harmful with threats or ways of demeaning others.  There are more cases of cyberbullying occurring on a regular basis.  It happens among children and adults. There are people who have hurt themselves because they were hurt by others.

What is Sexting?   
Sexting is something a large number of minors are getting affiliated with. This is another problem when considering aspects of online abuse since it can lead to criminal charges, especially when an adult and/or minors are engaged in the act. A person can have a picture of a minor on their phone that is nude or semi-nude. They can choose to delete the photo and still possibility get in trouble for having it on their phone in the first place. Child pornography charges could result. Sexting also involves sharing explicit sexual content online (words or images). It can lead to harassment or others pretending to be the one in an image. By installing a cell phone spy you can monitor sexting issues by spy on cell phone text messages free. This way you can be on top of it and know what is going on in your child's cell phone.

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