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New Features of iOS 8.3

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New Features of iOS 8.3

iOS 8.3
Finally Apple released new version of iOS, that is iOS 8.3 last week. I suppose, all of you have upgraded your iPhone with it. If you have not then do it. Today I am going to tell you about what new features it has.

No need of passwords for free downloads:

If you don’t have your Touch ID enabled for purchases in iTunes App Store. You can still download free iOS apps from iBook or iTunes by tweaking your password settings.
Steps for doing this:
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to iTunes and App Store | Password Settings.
  • Select either Always Require or Require After 15 Minutes option.
  • Disable toggle for require Password as shown in below figure.
No Password
So, bang you are done, now you can download freely without password prompt.
Wireless Car Play:
With this update you can use CarPlay from your device without plugging your device into car. To enable this consult with your  particular CarPlay system.

Siri Speakerphone Calls:

If you have installed Siri in your phone then you can use it to call a contact. Speak:
“Call[Contact Name] using Speakerphone”
This feature enables you to call a contact without even touching your phone. To wake you Siri you can say “Hello Siri” voice command.

Filtering iMessage Conversations and Reporting Spam:

Now filtering your message is so easy with this update. You can filter out your conversation as per people in your list or not. Follow below steps to enable this feature:
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Messages.
  • Locate and Enable the Filter Unknown Senders toggle.
And while accessing you iMessage you will get below screen.
Filter Messages
So, with this feature you will be able to focus on Important messages only.
Report Spam
If sender is unknown to you and you find their messages unnecessary then you can report them as junk. This new update has this option at bottom of your message list. It will seen as below screen image:

Free WiFi Call:

Cellular phone calls can be placed over any wireless network to which you are connected – a great option for those living in areas with weak phone signal. Customers of Sprint in the US and EE in the UK are in for a treat here as iOS 8.3 adds support for ‘WiFi calls’.
But here is the best bit: calls over WiFi do not count against minutes in your plan. They can also be used abroad to avoid roaming fees.
Setup is simple:
  • Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calls
  • Select ‘Allow Wi-Fi Calls’
Free WiFi Call

The Spock Emoji:

In a nice touch following the sad passing of Leonard Nimoy, iOS 8.3 includes an Easter egg to bring a smile to your face: a Vulcan salute emoji. Here’s how to get it after installing iOS 8.3:
Open this Tweet from Cult of Mac on your iPhone or iPad
Copy the Vulcan salute emoji
  • Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > +
  • Paste the Vulcan salute emoji into the Phrase section
  • Type a shortcut you want (‘llap’ is a popular choice for obvious reasons)
  • Tap Save
Now whenever you type your chosen shortcut on either an iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.3 the Vulcan Salute emoji will appear. For the adventurous there are even different colour Spock emoji that can be added from this tweet from CNet editor Dan Graziano using the same method.

Remind Me Never for Update:

Finally Apple added an option for remind me never for update. After enabling this option you will not get update messages from Apple.
Remind Me Never
If you want to read more then, visit Forbes, Tech Republic

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