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How to Unlock Apple iPhone 6

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How to Unlock Apple iPhone 6

Almost everyone who owns an Apple iPhone wants to find out quick and simple ways of IMEI factory unlocking the different versions of the smartphone from the same brand. As we all know that when we purchase an iPhone from a carrier retail outlet, our phone remains locked to that particular carrier only. Hence, if you purchase an iPhone via AT&T plan, then it won’t function with Verizon. Therefore, if you have recently purchased the much sought after iPhone 6 and don’t know how to unlock it, then read on to find out how exactly you can do it.
Unlocking Advantages
The iPhone6, like any other phone, is locked using a specific passcode and it is this code that doesn’t allow a user to access the programming feature/menu of it. It also prevents the user from using a different carrier network on the iPhone 6. One of the biggest advantages of buying a factory unlocked iPhone 6 is that it comes with warranty, which stays valid for a long time.
Unlocking Methods
Typically, you can use two different ways to unlock your iPhone 6. While on the one hand, you can opt for hardware unlocking, which requires a user to open the gadget and apply advanced technical expertise, on the other, users can rely on the apple itunes unlocking facility. This particular facility is provided by Apple and one needs to visit the company’s website to fulfill the unlocking task.
How factory unlocking works?
In order to factory unlock your iPhone 6 you will have to enter the IMEI code of the device into the unlocking database provided by Apple. This will ensure that your phone is unlocked and ready to be used on just about any network. Once you have completed the above process, you will also be able to update your iPhone 6 in accordance with any old or new iOS baseband/firmware. Thus, unlocking will also ensure that you don’t have to return your phone to the person who originally owned it. The moment you unlock your iPhone 6 through itunes, your phone will remain unlocked permanently. Even if you update the firmware, your device will remain unlocked and you can use it on any network of your choice.  Remember, unlocking iPhone 6 is neither ‘Jail breaking’ nor ‘Software Unlocking’, as both of them aren’t permanent and damage your device the moment you try updating the firmware using iTunes. Also, make sure that when it comes to unlocking your iPhone 6, its IMEI number isn’t barred, blacklisted, or reported as stolen.

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