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10 Thing You Must Know Your Phone Can Do

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10 Thing You Must Know Your Phone Can Do

I have used lost of phones. But never read their manuals. One day I have seen a friend of mine, doing something extraordinary, and I was feeling why never ever I was known of it. Where do these guys learn all this. Then I started checking manuals and I found some of the unknown and useful features that I have not used. I have also started searching for such unknown unused features.

Today I am going to share with you 10 unknown smartphone features. I know most of people will be known of it, but this is for those who don't know so please share to your friends and help them develop smartphone usability skills.

1. Capturing Mobile Screen:

If you want to capture your mobile screen to share text or images then do as follow:

For Android
==For Android 3.0 and less download Airdroid.
==For Android 4.0 and higher versions hold down Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
==The image would be automatically saved into "Captured Images" folder in your Gallery.


For iPhone
==Hold and press Sleep/Wake button along with Home button.
==You will hear the shutter click and you can check it in Camera Roll or Saved Photos section.

2. Block SMS and Calls:

If you want to block unwanted SMS and calls then follow below instruction.

For Android
==Go to Settings > Call settings > Call block
==Locate "Incoming calls" tap "Call block list" and then tap Create.
==You can enter a number, or select the number you want to block.

For iPhone (For iOS 7 or later)
==Go to "Phone or FaceTime app".
==If you want to block "existing contact", tap his "name", scroll down the page and tap "Block this Caller" and tap "Block Contact".
==If you want to block "unknown number", then tap the "Info button", then scroll down of the page and tap "Block this Caller" and tap "Block Contact".
==For blocking SMS, Go to "Messages app", tap the "message of contact" you want to block, locate "Contact" in the upper right and select it then, choose the "Info button".
==Scroll down and select "Block this Caller" and tap "Block Contact".

You can remove your blocked contacts later from here:
==Go to Settings > Phone > Blocked
==Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked
==Go to Settings > FaceTime > Blocked

3. Set real Password:

iPhone and Android both use four digit default passwords. But this is common so, it is not that secure I'll tell you how to do it.

For Android
Go to Settings > Lock screen and tap Screen lock.
==Set level of security.
==Select Password and type in the password your password.
==Make it unique and not recognizable.

For iPhone
==Go to Settings > Passcode > swipe off the option that says "Simple Passcode".
==Here, set your unique and not recognizable password.

4. Change Font Size:

To enhance readiness of text in your phone you need to increase the font size

For Android
==Go to Settings and select Accessibility
==Under Vision, tap Font size and set it whatever size you feel better for you.

For iPhone
==Go to Settings, select General, select Accessibility and turn on Bold Text and Larger Text.
==Choose whatever preferences you find suitable for your screen. Then restart your phone to take effect.

5. Screen Narrator:

Screen Narrator reads thing for you if you don't want to read it.

For Android
==Go to Settings, select Accessibility and tap TalkBack. Otherwise download it from Play Store.
==Turn it on and your phone read it fro you whatever you touch or get any notification.
==To adjust your TalkBack settings, select Settings, then Accessibility and choose Text-to-Speech and adjust the voice engine and speed rate.
==Turn on Hands-free mode from Settings to know who is calling or messaging.

For iPhone
==Go to Settings. select General, select Accessibility then, turn on VoiceOver.
==Check it and set your preferences.
==Touch and drag your fingers around the home screen and have it read for you.
==Double tap to activate an app, while one tap will give you details about it.
==It can read directions for you in Maps, tells you how many people are in your camera shot and lots more.

6. Custom Vibration Patterns:

You know how to specify ringtone for specific persons. But what when your phone is in vibration mode.

For Android
==Go to Contacts and tap on a contact name.
==Under Vibration Pattern, tap Default and choose a preset pattern or tap the Create button and tap on the screen to create your own pattern.
==If you don't have this built in, there are third-party apps like Vibes that can do this as well.

For iPhone
==Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration.
==You can tap out patterns to record or, you can go into your contacts list and hit Edit and select the Vibration option for each contact.

7. Flash for notifications:

If you don't want want your phone to vibrate for notifications then you have other option to get known of any notification.

For Android
==Go to Settings > Accessibility and turn on "Flash notification."
For iPhone

==Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on "LED Flash for Alerts."
Now every time you get a notification, your phone's rear camera will flash.

8. Better ways to take pictures:

For Android
==Open the camera app and tap the gear to see the settings.
==Scroll down to Voice control and turn it on.
==Now you can take pictures with the commands "Capture," "Shoot," "Smile" and "Cheese."

For iPhone
==Point your camera and press the phone’s Volume Up button.

9. Take multiple pictures at once:

Take bunch of moving pictures at once.

For Android
==Open the Camera app.
==Tap the gear icon to open the settings and turn Burst Shot on.
==Tap and hold the shutter release button and the phone will take multiple images until you release the button – or it hits the preset limit for your phone. The photos will be grouped for you in your gallery.

For iPhone (5, 5s, and 5c)
==Open the Camera app.
==Tap and hold the shutter release button on the screen – or press and hold the Volume Up button – and the camera will start taking multiple pictures.
==Release the button when you want to stop.
The iPhones can take up to 10 pictures a second. It will group the photos for you automatically so you can quickly find the best ones.

10. Turn off music automatically:

While listening movie got sleep. Don't worry it is possible to turn off music player automatically

For Android
==Go to the music player Settings. Look for "Music auto off" and set it to however long you want the music to play. There are also third-party apps like Sleep Timer available. Explore more apps here.

Sleep Timer

For iPhone
==Go to the Clock app and click on "Timer," then "When Timer Ends." From here, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and select "Stop Playing."
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