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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats & Tips

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats & Tips

Use your Mr.Whoopee to distribute treats to the locals around town. You must deliver 50 in a row to complete the mission.

Important Buttons:
[L3] -> plays Ice Cream truck music.

Since the ice cream is filled with drugs, the cops will come after you in a short while. If they catch you, or you die, you will fail the mission and have to start over. A good idea is to sell some ice cream in one area, and then go to another for a new batch of people. If you go to a Pay n Spray while doing the mission, you will lose your Wanted Stars for a short while. This is key to beating the mission. The best place to sell the ice cream is around Pay n Sprays, such as the Docks area where a lot of people are. It is a good idea to keep your wanted level below 2.

Here is a list of the money you will make depending on the area of Vice City you are in:

Airport............$12 per sale
Starfish Island....$18 per sale
Prawn Island.......$14 per sale
Little Havana......$8 per sale
Little Haiti.......$8 per sale
All Others.........$10 per sale

To morph Tommy to a PCJ 600 (other bike, Caddy, etc.), park so the left part of a clothes icon goes through the middle of the right side of the PCJ and have Tommy get off and back on. The controls that change become:
Left Shift....Forward
Space Bar....Reverse
W....Lean forward
S....Lean back
Tab....change radio stations
He can do stunts and not fall off the bike (and he does a Fred Flintstone impression with the Caddy).

One specific way to do the PC Superjump: send morphed Tommy on a PCJ at the middle of the left side of the Packer ramp that extends back past the rear wheel. The Packer raises up onto the front wheels as the bike slides back the ramp with the effort--quit before reaching the back end. The Packer holds the position and Tommy can go through the back of the ramp. Send the PCJ through the middle of that back ramp section from left to right, then turn forward and back, careful not to bump the Packer, till Tommy is in the ramp pointed forward at the middle of the rear axle. Send him forward to bump the Packer--when it falls, the result can send Tommy twirling over Vice City, and may make the Packer fly up and explode.

  1. 100% Complete Bonuses

    Get the following with 100% completion: 200 Health, 200 Armor, All vehicles can take double the normal damage, a T-Shirt pick up that says ''I beat Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt'', Infinite ammo on all weapons and sometimes there will be three body guards sitting in the were the Colt Python and Health is (in the Vercetti Estate) with pink markers in front of them. If you step into one of the pink markers, you will lose $1,000 and one of the body guards will stand up and follow you around everywhere and shoot at people that you shoot at.
    Contributed by: Ockeroid 
  2. Bulletproof Sabre Tubro

    Go to the mission where you must race Hillary. From the start back up or turn around and drive for 10 seconds on the clock and make a good road block. Then wait for him to appear and use the sniper rifle to shoot him in the head. If your lucky the door will be open. If it is locked you can push it to one of your garages then let the garage close. If the car is already unlocked drive it to a garage first, get out and let the garage close to permanently unlock the doors.
    Contributed by: masterofallgames 
  3. Drive Inside Buildings

    Once you get Diaz's mansion, get in a car and drive it towards the door. At the last moment, bail out. Your car will go inside while you stay outside. Now go in the mansion and you will be able to drive around inside.
    Contributed by: alexhurry 
  4. Body Guards

    While playing enter the fanny magnet code and the pedestrians have weapons code. Then get a lot of girls to follow you. When you shoot at someone, they will go after that person too.
    Contributed by: Dukenuke001 
  5. Super Stoppie Trick

    With this code you can pull a limitless stoppie. To do so, steal a Faggio. Then get on a straight road, and then gain a good amount of speed. Stick yourself in the stoppie position (Push left analog stick up and hold down Square and R1), and when you have a good stoppie, immediately release Square and R1 and hold down X. You should be able to pull a limitless stoppie, provided you can keep the Faggio straight.
    Contributed by: gamejunkie2000 
  6. Car Breakers

    Use the Change Clothes code (R, R, L, U, L1, L2, L, U, D, R) until you get to some big guys. It doesnt matter who, but they must be big (fat guy-motorcycle guy-etc.) and walk/run up to any vehicle and now you can break the car with your bare fists! This secret is best used with locked cars, you can break off the door.
    Contributed by: kingdag 
  7. Easy money

    Find a coach and park it next to a bus stop but don't get out of the vehicle. Every now and then pedestrians will get into the coach and you'll receive $5 when they enter the vehicle. You don't have to take them anywhere and there's no limit as to how many passengers the coach can hold, so you can go do something else while Tommy earns more money. This is very useful particularly in the earlier stages of the game.
    Contributed by: Sundar Subramaniam 
  8. Rhino in the Underworld

    This is a way to get the Rhino tank into the area below the game map. Just get a Rhino, put in the ''Dodo Physics'' cheat, turn the turret 180 degrees and keep on hitting circle and hold back on the D-pad. Once you get airborne, fly down through the top the El Corrupto Bank. Since its top isn't solid, you'll fly down through the bank and into the ''underworld''. Control its flight downward or you'll go down too far and end up back on the street. If you did this correctly, you can fly through underworld.
    Contributed by: dailybacon 
  9. Get to mainland at start of game (requires previous save on mainland)

    If you plan to start the game again then this is a helpful glitch. Start a mission on the mainland and kill yourself. When you wake up in hospital don't do anything, just start a new game. As soon as you gain control of tommy kill him. (Whatever you do, do not start any missions). When you get up at the hospital get straight in the taxi. It will take you to your mission location on the second island.

    Note: Once on the second island, you can not do any missions, nor can you get back onto the start area.
    Contributed by: Randomer 
  10. More Cars In Garages

    To get more cars or bikes in your garages simply park a vehicle so it jams the door (being half in the garage, half out) and drive more vehicles in.
    Contributed by: Firestorm ZERO 
  11. Drive blown up car

    Make sure you know how to do the blow up all cars for this one, and be able to do it EXTREMELY fast. Walk up to a car with a person in it and steal it. During the animation in which tommy pulls the person out and gets in, enter the blow up all cars cheat. The car will explode and you will be unhurt, and the car will be flaming
    enter the health cheat to stop the car from burning, (I enter it twice to assure it works) and you are now driving around in a 3 wheeled burnt car. This also works in GTA 3
    Contributed by: A4PR3NT1C3 
  12. Bike Morphing

    There is a glitch in the game that makes it possible to ''morph'' with a bike. When this glitch has been done, it is impossible to get hit off your bike by another vehicle, or anyhting else. You can also pull off flips due to this glitch, as well as gaining other big insane bonuses.

    To activate this glitch, all you really need to do is jump on a bike at the same time as picking up a clothes pickup. First off:

    1. Get to a Clothes Pickup
    2. Place your bike in the middle of the clothes pickup, then position your bike so that the clothes pickup is sticking further out than the other side.
    3. Get on the side that has the clothes pickup not sticking out as much, and jump on the bike. If done right, you should ''morph''. You should still be standing while the bike is in between you. When you accelerate the bike, you will run while the bike goes forward.

    There are also other ways to do this, like drop kicking on the bike. It might be easier if you devise your own strategy. This glitch is hard to get done, so it will take a lot of practice. Also, PCJ 600s are the easiest for this.

    One good place to morph is at the Clothes Pickup on top of the Hyman Condo. You may also want to use the North Point Mall, since there is two pickups there, and you can go back and forth if you fail to make this glitch work.

    Now you will be able to do flips and crash into other objects with out falling of your bike. This glitch will stay activated until the bike catches on fire and eventually blows up. To deactivate this glitch, just simply get off, shoot a weapon, or make a heavy turn or brake.
    Contributed by: Moochthemonkey 
  13. Street Vantage Point

    While in the air turn the car on it's side so that the drivers side points upand then get out. If you did it right the car will float in the air with you standing on it allowing you to shoot people from it. Note: If the tire is shot out or if the car explodes the car will fall from the sky. Also some times you can't get back in the car.
    Contributed by: killaahmadilla 

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