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In this age of growing technology and continues increase of exposure to the internet, crime is spreading like wildfire. Cyber crime is a normal thing in today's world. It is very important to stay safe from hackers and /2013/07/beware-beebone-pc-virus-on-prowl.html" target="_blank">malicious softwares.

According to a report by the FBI, in the year 2013 there have been 262,813 major registered complaints against cyber crime which have led to a combined loss of $781,841,611. The top five countries ranked by the number of complaints received by IC3 in 2013 are:

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United kingdom
  4. India
  5. Australia 

Everybody connecting to the internet is unknowingly opening a wide door into their life. It is not necessary that you should be a tech savvy to keep yourself protected from cyber crime. Every user on the internet can be safe just by being a little careful about what they are doing. If you know what you are doing, you will be 80% safe. To achieve the other 20% safety, you need to keep a guard at the door we talked about. A strict guard who is smart enough to judge who to allow and who not to and not bug you every time for permission. This guard is no one but the anti-virus. And what better than a free security guard?

Microsoft has come up with a free antivirus called ' /2013/05/teckguide-recommends-microsoft-security.html" target="_blank">Microsoft security essentials' which is better than many paid antiviruses. This will not only act as a security guard, but it also patrols you computer like a police officer. Yes, it also scans your computer every now and then to remove potential threats. The scanning is of different types:

  • Quick scan
  • Full scan
  • Custom scan

Quick scan:

 It quickly scans the most vulnerable parts of your computer for any potential viruses. This is to quickly check your computer for any threats, before making any /2013/05/bitcoin-open-souce-p2p-digital-currency.html" target="_blank">sensitive transactions online. This process takes about 4-5 minutes. 

Full scan:

This mode scans the whole of your computer for anything suspicious. It won't leave file. It's not lazy like one of those lazy old security guards at the ATM who will not hesitate to compromise  physical work. And I am glad that they have chosen the right profession. Anyway, Microsoft security essentials will not compromise anything. 

Custom scan:

In this, mode you have the flexibility to choose which folders you want to be scanned. You can either choose any drive or even particular folders. 

But it is recommended to use the 'full scan' mode at least once in two weeks to be completely safe. 
Microsoft security essential is not like those other freebie antiviruses which /2013/05/how-to-improve-speed-and-performance-of.html" target="_blank">slow your computer down like crazy. They consume a lot of space, they heat your computer while scanning and they are really slow. You can expect to be safe under the super the supervision of an antivirus which runs like an old man with a bag of stones.

Also see: /2013/05/how-to-improve-speed-and-performance-of.html" target="_blank">How to optimize the speed and performance of your computer.

In spite of it being free, they regularly update it. But it's not like the regular windows update which we all hate the most. It will automatically get updated and you will barely feel it. Even though it gives you a choice for manual updating, I recommend you set it on auto update. Because it is very important that your antivirus has the latest intel over /2013/07/beware-beebone-pc-virus-on-prowl.html" target="_blank"> new viruses that are growing every day.

It also has a very user-friendly user interface. Even a little kid can use it. Although you won't need to use its interface a lot. It takes care of everything on its own. It's almost "install and forget". It keeps the intel it gathers about all the threats it encounters. So that in the future it may not waste time on a similar threat.

One of the /2014/07/windows-special-feature-permanently.html" target="_blank">amazing features is that it doesn't have to be kept open while it is scanning your computer. It runs in the background. But it does not slow down the other applications you are using. To sum it up, Microsoft security essentials is the best free antivirus I can think of. Who doesn't love free stuff? and that too something that can keep you safe. You won't have to go through the trouble of renewing it every year. That's all about Microsoft security essentials. Hope you like it and benefit the most out of it.

Download  :

For windows 7  (32 bit): download
For windows 7  (64 bit): download 

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