xMIUI - Xposed module for MIUI 7-8 tweaking

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xMIUI - Xposed module for MIUI 7-8 tweaking

Here is the Xposed module for MIUI 7 & MIUI 8 tweaking.

- Customize grid columns and rows in launcher
- Customize launcher icons size, labels, hotseat labels
- Customize number of columns on open folder
- Customize recent tasks animation
- Customize notification icons like AOSP icons
- Flexible customization of icons in status bar (positions, size and so on)
- Allows display notifications text in status bar
- Allows to expand notifications by clicking it
- Allows to select widget that will be displayed on lockscreen (may not works with custom themes)
- Allows to answer incoming call by placing phone closely to ear
- Allows to switch audio route from ear-speaker to speaker by proximity sensor
- PIN with time option
- Customize hardware buttons actions
- Customize volume settings
and many other...

Reasonable proposals for implementing in module are highly appreciated!
Specially for this we created project page on Idea Informer service!
Take an active part in the development of the module!

But please, don't write something like "Make all/some feature from program_name".
Instead please write in details what exactly you offer and how it must working. Attach screenshots or pictures that may be useful to understanding what you want and so on.

Module on Google Play: HERE
xMIUI_v0.1.0 alpha.apk
xMIUI_v0.1.2 alpha.apk 
xMIUI_v0.1.6 alpha.apk

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