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The Portuguese's depth of enmity towards his Arsenal counterpart extended to a furious vow to beat him up, claims a new book by a journalist who followed him closely
Jose Mourinho reportedly threatened to "break [Arsene Wenger's] face" following a war of words between the pair in 2014, according to a new book serialised in the Daily Mail .
Mourinho and Wenger's frosty relationship was renewed when the Portuguese returned to Chelsea in 2013, with both managers launching a series of jibes in each other's directions.
The most notable of clashes came when the Arsenal boss aimed a dig at Mourinho for playing down the Blues' chances of winning the Premier League during the 2013-14 season for "fear to fail".
It elicited an irate response from Mourinho, who famously hit back by proclaiming Wenger a "specialist in failure", while also reacting badly to the Frenchman admitting his surprise at Chelsea selling Juan Mata to Manchester United.

And his anger did not stop in the media centre, claims ' Jose Mourinho: Up Close and Personal ', an upcoming book written by Robert Beasley, a journalist who followed the Portuguese closely. The then-Chelsea manager is said to have been seething for days afterwards.
An excerpt reads: "A few days later, he was still pumped up about it all, telling me: 'When Mr Wenger criticises CFC and Man Utd over the deal with Mata... I will find him one day outside a football pitch and I will break his face.'"
Mourinho is yet to come face to face with Wenger since joining Manchester United, with his side set to face Arsenal on 19 November at Old Trafford.

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