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The Federal Inland Revenue Service as part of its consolidation strategies, wish to engage the services of  early starters with integrity, drive and desire to win professionally, to strengthen its workforce.

Applicants are to note that regardless of the position advertised, the following are  minimum general requirements for all applicants:

Minimum Qualifications/skills base

> A Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Accounting, Law, Economics, Banking & Finance, Engineering, Geology, Statistics, Computer Science or other relevant discipline in the quantitative field;


> A Higher National Diploma in Accounting, Economics, Banking & Finance, Engineering, Geology, Statistics, Computer Science or other relevant discipline in the quantitative field;

> Computer literacy and conversancy with Microsoft office, Web Applications and  the use of relevant applications for efficient delivery of service;

> Strong leadership and management skills;

> Strong team spirit and ability to effectively delegate;

> Strong interpersonal and communication skills;

> Strong Analytical skills;

> Knowledge of the Nigerian  Tax Laws and appreciation of their application and understanding of the regulatory framework within  which the FIRS operates;

> Knowledge of business/industry environment within  which taxpayers operate;

> Ability to work as a regulator with the courage to  ensure full compliance with laws.

Minimum Character attributes

> Be of good character and must not have been found guilty of any criminal offence or should not have been indicted at or dismissed from their places of work or other environment.

> Ability to work independently and within a team environment.

Minimum Past Performance level

> Demonstrated ability to determine conformity and non-conformity to set standards in processes and procedures;


> Demonstrated courage and ability to eliminate, rectify  or close determined non-conformity to standard character attributes;

> Demonstrated courage in ensuring change within the organization he or she has worked through the effective discharge of his or her responsibility in spite of resistance to change efforts;

> Demonstrable impactful presence in the work place as  a direct result of the individual’s ability to effect positive and sustainable change in his/her environment.

Application Requirement(s):

Applicants are also to note that  regardless of the position advertised, any of the following will be an added advantage:-

(i) Master’s degree in related discipline

(ii) Relevant and recognized professional certification and qualification.

Other General Requirement(s):

In addition all Applicants must:-

1. Have an NYSC Discharge or exemption certificate

2. Be certified as mentally fit for appointment into the Service by a recognized Medical Doctor in any of these class of Government Hospitals:

> National Hospital
> Government Teaching Hospitals
> Federal Medical Centers

3. Provide contact details for three references (from last employer, a close family  relation and tertiary institution) from whom confidential reports on character and demonstrated abilities can be obtained;

4. Present a certificate of State of Origin and Local Government signed by the Chairman/Secretary of their Local Government. Certificates endorsed by Liaison offices will not be accepted.


FIRS considers computer proficiency a key requirement for anyone who aspires for a job in the Service. Accordingly, Applicants are expected to fill their  applications online. Application forms can be found at the FIRS website 

This FIRS application portal will be available with effect from Monday, 29th August, 2016.

Please  follow the instructions to fill in your application.

> Only applications in respect of the advertised positions would be considered.

> All individuals are expected to apply to only ONE position. Multiple applications by one Candidate for more than one job will be disqualified.

> Upon submission, applicants will receive an acknowledgement containing a reference number which must be quoted in all future correspondences.

Deadline for submission of application is six (6) weeks from the date the web portal  is available (Monday, 10th October, 2016)

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.

Director, Human Capital Management Department FEDERAL INLAND REVENUE SERVICE

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