How to Transfer Media from S3/S4/S5 to S7 Edge

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How to Transfer Media from S3/S4/S5 to S7 Edge

As long as you are a loyal fan of Samsung, then you must not miss Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which is the latest phone in the S series. Samsung strive to continue the excellent film system in S6, what's more on the S7, Samsung to raise the aperture to f/1.7, becoming the current lens aperture of one of the largest mobile phone products; CMOS single pixel area to further enhance, too.

Recently, I wanted to change my old Samsung S5 and bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Its beautiful shape really addictive, as a network anchor, my phone has been restore many videos, audio or others media, well here comes the problem, how can I transfer my media to my new S7 Edge?

Then my friend recommend me a software, Mobile Trans and it can help me solve the proble that we faced. Mobile Trans is a professional software of transferring. Not only can Mobile Trans transfer media from S5 to S7 Edge, but also it can transfer contacts, calendar, music, SMS, photos, etc. And the following will teach you how to use the program.

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Steps to /2016/02/transfer-contacts-from-s3-s4-s5-to-s7-edge.html" target="_blank">Transfer Media from S3/S4/S5 to S7 Edge

Step 1. Launch Mobile Trans and Choose the Mode

Let's start form the first step, download, install and launch Mobile Trans. When its main interface comes up, you can see its 4 function, just select "Phone to Phone Transfer" and click it.

Step 2. Connect Your Devices

When the program enter the next phase, you can connect your S3/S4/S5 and S7 Edge to computer via USB cables. The source phone should be set on the left and the destination phone should on the right.

Step 3. Choose the Media files and Transfer them

The program will recognize your devices automatically, then choose the files you want to transfer to your S7 Edge, now let us tick "Music" box and "Video" box. If necessary, you can tick them all, but the transferring of Apps and App Data must get access root privileges can be allow. Then click "Start Transfer" to transfer them.

Please keep your USB cables stable, when the transferring process is being carried out. When it completed, unplug your USB cables and enjoy the music or video in your Samsung Galaxy S7.

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