How to Copy Contacts from S4 to S7/S7 Edge

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How to Copy Contacts from S4 to S7/S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge:

Release date
As you'll have noticed above, the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date has been set for March 11, with pre-orders open now.

In the UK you're looking at £569 SIM, or you can pick it up from as little as £49.99 up front on two year deals. In the US, it'll cost $199 on a two-year contract, but since carriers are phasing out these subsidized agreements, expect to pay about $27 a month for the handset over the course of 24 months.

In Australia the S7 is priced at AU$1,149 SIM free.

Samsung has now confirmed the Galaxy S7 is only available in a 32GB model. Considering that Samsung offered 64GB and 128GB variants in the past, that doesn't seem like much of an offer.

Method to Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung S4 to S7/S7 Edge:

How can I sync all my contacts from samsung galaxy s4 to my new samsung galaxy s7? Last week, I have bought a new samsung galaxy s7, but the fact is that I really don't know how to copy all my contacts saved on the old samsung galaxy s4 to the new samsung galaxy s7? Can anybody help me to solve the problem? -Ask by John.

To complete the task more easily, I recommend you try the program Samsung to Samsung Transfer, which enables you to view all contacts one by one and transfer the contacts you need. Since the whole process is proceeded directly through your computer, you will find the program very easy-handling.

Tips: This professional Samsung to Samsung Transfer- Mobile Transfer can easily transfer other data including text messages, photos, videos, call logs, calendar, apps.

You can download the try trail version below:


Guide to /2015/11/transfer-data-contacts-from-s1-to-s6.html">Transfer Contacts from Samsung S4/S5/S3 to Samsung S7/S7 Edge:

Step 1: Download the program and install it on your computer

Step 2: Connect both your samsung galaxy phones to the PC

Step 3: Transfer contacts to samsung galaxy S7/S7 Edge


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